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Thrive @ your 9-5

Uncover what’s knocking the wind out of your sails,
and g
et back your spark and drive at work. 

Embark on the transformative journey towards aligning your passions with your professional achievements.

Get back to a place where the work you do energises your day; where you feel valued and connected to a greater mission.  Thrive will help you understand the negative impacts your workplace may be having on your wellbeing and show you how to build a happier, healthier relationship with your work.

It is the first program of its kind that not only shows you what may be consuming your energy but also shows you how to be a better staff member, a better leader and to achieve more in your career

Introducing Thrive @ your 9 - 5

Discover the impact your workplace is having on your wellbeing. Learn how to build a happy, healthier relationship with work.


for individuals

‘Thrive @ Your 9-5’ is more than just an online course. It’s a compass for navigating the murky waters of workplace dissatisfaction.

If you’re toiling away in your current role, questioning your engagement or feeling undervalued, it’s clear that something is amiss. It’s not just about working harder; it’s about nurturing a fulfilling professional life that doesn’t leave you drained or stuck in a cycle of “what-ifs.”

This course is your first step towards understanding the profound effect your work has on your mental health and overall happiness. You’ll learn to listen to those whispers that signal the need for change and acquire the skills to pivot towards a work life that’s not just bearable, but vibrant and rewarding.

‘Thrive @ Your 9-5’ equips you with the tools to transform your work life from mundane to meaningful.

for leaders or leaders of teams

Envisage a team that operates with a dynamic, seamless unity, where each member is energised and alignment is natural. Visualise a workplace humming with positive banter, a space where feedback is exchanged constructively, and solutions and best practices are a collaborative effort.

Stepping into a leadership role means facing the challenge of melding diverse individuals into a cohesive, driven team. If you’re finding it increasingly difficult to spark motivation and encourage proactivity rather than resistance, it’s time for a strategic shift.

‘Thrive @ Your 9-5’ isn’t just about personal development — it’s a treasure trove for leaders like you. The course is designed to redefine the way you lead. It helps you understand the underlying dynamics of team culture and equips you with the skills to guide your team effectively, turning what feels like a drain on your resources into your greatest asset.

In this course, you’ll delve into techniques that not only unify your team but also make your leadership truly impactful. It’s time to move beyond the adage “Time is money” and invest in a resource that will pay dividends in team productivity and satisfaction. Enrol in ‘Thrive @ Your 9-5’ and transform the way you lead, fostering an environment where everyone, including you, can truly thrive.

If you love what you do then you’ll never work a day in your life

Imagine a work life where passion fuels every task, where each morning greets you with a burst of enthusiasm for the day ahead. Envision feeling appreciated, an integral part of a mission that resonates with your core values, and where taking a holiday is a choice for pleasure, not a necessity due to job-induced exhaustion. This is not just a dream; it’s a tangible future that ‘Thrive @ Your 9-5’ can help you achieve.

By enrolling in ‘Thrive @ Your 9-5’, you’re not just signing up for a course; you’re stepping onto a path that leads to a richer, more fulfilling work life. The skills, insights, and techniques you gain will serve as a catalyst for long-lasting, positive change, both for you and your team. Take this step and unlock the potential of truly loving what you do and leading a team that thrives.

Thrive @ your 9 - 5 is for you if...

If you can relate to any of the below then this program is for you

You've thought “what’s next”

You like what you do but you're not sure you're passionate about it.

You're bored with your work and don’t know what’s next.

You’d like to change careers but have no idea what you’d like to do.

You’re unhappy and exhausted by the work you do

You feel overworked and under appreciated

You find it hard to get on with others at work or they are driving you crazy

You’ve maxed out your holidays and sick says trying to recover from work

You have various levels of anxiety about going to work

You're in a leadership position and you want to learn how to bring about the best work environment for everyone to thrive

You want to hire better staff

You want to know how you can get your team to be more productive/proactive

You watch the clock and count down the hours until home time or the weekend

You've have low confidence in your abilities and doubt yourself even though your well educated and have experience

stories of success from thrive @ your 9 to 5

“I’ve moved all the way from miserable and exhausted to empowered and full of energy thanks to this program..It’s totally changed my work and personal life for the better.  Cannot recommend this program enough.”


Digital Marketer, Brisbane

“This program was such an eye opener for me and I totally had some great moments of growth and recognition on how I could be so much happier at work with small changes. It’s brought about positive changes for me, highly recommended”


SEO Specialist, Central Coast

What's Inside

Thrive @ your 9 – 5 includes 4 core chapters and one bonus module with some extras. Course materials include streaming videos, a complimentary handbook with worksheets, and questionnaires, and more within our Members’ only Facebook group. 

Chapter 1 - Recognition

We unpack the who, when and where of your job and what could be sapping your energy.  And for leaders we show you how to look at yourself first as well as what might be sapping your team’s energy.

Chapter 2 - Self Care

An important topic not to be missed. Change starts with you; so in this chapter we discuss self-care and self-awareness to take control of your situation and get a better understanding of your next steps towards workplace happiness.

Chapter 3 - Recognition

We step through more situations and conversations on what could be holding you back from true workplace synergy and how others around us can affect our work output and results (there are sure to be some big a-ha moments in this chapter)

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Chapter 4 - Communications & Take Action

We unpack what healthy workplace communications look like and what actions you can do to create better workplace synergy and get more out of the work you do.  Some bonus sections for those in leadership on some best practices to be better managers.

Case Studies

We included 3 powerful real-life case studies on individuals and leaders; their journeys in their jobs and how they brought about both positive and negative changes, including how they influenced their workplaces by their actions. 


We have included a range of bonuses such as a detailed handbook with questionnaires, and sections to write down your learnings as you go through the chapters.  This handbook is a fantastic bonus to keep referring back to to compare your progress and improvements after the program.

Here's what you'll learn

Why your job does not bring the best out in you or bring you joy

Why workplace happiness is so important

Understand what a healthy work environment looks like

Understand how to harness your productivity better

How to be a better communicator

Grow your leadership skills

Become more self aware of what you really want out of your job

How to be a better leader

Understand workplace dysfunction & how to recreate functional teams that work better together

Understand unhealthy work cultures and how to bring about change that’s right for you

Understand staff turnover and how to slow the churn or use it to your advantage

Recognise triggers that can cause you to not be as effective at work as you can be

How to build more resilience at work

How to be more confident in your working abilities and preferences

In case we have not formally met…

I’m Leanne Hardinge

In my 30+ years of experience across social enterprises and businesses, I’ve seen far too many amazing people lose enjoyment in their jobs and become, stressed, unhappy resentful, or depressed – where they begin to survive rather than thrive at work. 

I help people find a pathway to a place where they work within their skills and passions, and love their jobs because of it.

All too often, I see great people leaving organisations, becoming disconnected all because their leaders failed to recognise and nurture their potential.  And so, through Thrive @ Your 9 – 5, we help people become their best selves, creating teams and leaders that thrive. It’s a sort of win-win, where everyone profits, including the company’s bottom line. 


Introducing Thrive @ your 9 - 5

Discover the impact your workplace is having on your wellbeing. Learn how to build a happy, healthier relationship with work.


General Questions about Thrive @ your 9 - 5

Hi there! Have some questions about our program? Find the answers below, if not contact us directly with your Q.

How much time should I expect the program to take?

You can actually watch all the video in under 2hrs if you’re super-keen. However you will need time to do some of the bonus activities that go with the videos and this will depend on your personal situation. We recommend breaking up the chapters over a week to allow yourself time to re-watch the videos, go through the activities and reflect on some of the questions and results the program may bring up for you.

I’m in a manager position will this program work for me?

Yes it will. We suggest in the first few videos that the program should be viewed as an individual your first time through, then re-watch them as a manager and do the extra “Leadership” videos for additional insight.  The value really comes in doing the program with both points of view. 

What type of payment methods do you accept?

We offer payments through the Stripe platform which accepts most credit card companies.  If you have any questions on payment options please feel free to contact us directly. 

What is your refund policy?

We know this program has the power to significantly change your life and the work you do.  That’s not hype – that’s based on results from past members who applied the teachings and took action.

We’re confident that if you do the work and are ready to see positive change, you’ll get tremendous value.  We back that up with our money back guarantee.

Meaning that we offer a 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days if you can show us your handbook and show us evidence you’ve done the work and not seen results.