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“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

Albert Einstein

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Hi! I’m Leanne

Thanks for stopping by.

In my 30+ years experience across social enterprises and businesses I’ve seen far too many amazing people lose enjoyment in their jobs and become resentful and depressed – to a point they survive rather than thrive at work.

And so, I created Passions-n-Profits.

I help people find a pathway to a place where they work within their skills and passions, and love their jobs because of it.

All too often, I see great people leaving organisations, becoming disconnected all because their leaders failed to recognise and nurture their potential. And so, Passions-n-Profits focuses on helping leaders and leaders of leaders become their best selves and create teams that thrive. It’s a sort of win-win, where everyone profits, including the company’s bottom line.

My motivation started early – after watching my gifted mother’s enthusiasm for music wither into depression because the social norms of the time prohibited her from becoming a concert pianist.


We engage with local & global leadership to develop positive approaches towards the people they lead and the communities they serve



We immerse ourselves in your organiation, studying what you do and how it’s done.

Then we distil and deliver actionable insights to improve team dynamics and culture.


We focus on individuals in order to deliver
whole-of-team change.


We engage with empathy and understanding to
disarm and open the conversation for change.

Lutheran Services
World Vision
Access Community Services
Goodiwindi Council
Business Leap
Melanie O'loughlin
Melanie O'loughlin
I came across the Passions n Profits program Thrive@your 9-5 on an Instagram advertisement and it sparked my interest to look into it more as I was at a point in my airline career where I felt I wasn’t in an environment where I was thriving and bringing my best to the table. I went ahead and purchased the program to kick start the New Year, within the first few videos and questionnaires I was able to come to the conclusion that I was burnt out and it was effecting my metal and physical health I was of the frame of mind to keep going as everyone has their bad days in and I kept telling myself it would improve. Since working through the program and having many aha moments I have made an empowered decision to leave and seek a career change without the guilt and shame of feeling I had failed. I think the hardest part is making an affirmed decision and from there you make the necessary changes and move forward with a sense of confidence. Mel O Tourism
Leisha Brazier
Leisha Brazier
I am a disability support worker and had the pleasure to meet Leanne Hardings from passion-n-profits who came and did mentoring with our company TMS Global was a fantastic wheel to find each person's strengths with in the company, who you best work with. I realised I had strengths I didn't even recognise in my work until TMS Global, it was such a great in sight and even today I still go back and read it just to remind myself of the strength I have in my work place. The Fear Free Workplace book is a fantastic book to read,, I felt this book helped me gain my control back and look at the person as a frilly that may of been trying to throw there authority around, a must read. Leanne goes above and beyond to see how you are going, always a phone call away if you need to talk, Leanne is an awesome mentor and I highly recommend this business. Leanne's leadership/,mentoring has the skills to turn an unbalanced workplace into an environment of thriving individuals, ability to create such positivity in the work place. I found Leanne to be extremely professional in her work, full of knowledge, skill and experience. Don't look any further give Leanne a call you won't be disappointed
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith
Leanne was my Mentor/Coach. Guiding me and showing me I had the strength to step out, find solutions and grab hold of what I want from my personal life and career. I'm learning how to live my best life, I'm worth it! Thanks Leanne Lisa.S QLD Australia
Dr Christiaan Willems
Dr Christiaan Willems
Leanne Hardinge is an extraordinary human being. She brings her heart, intellect, empathy, strength, and compassion to the very important work that she does - supporting, mentoring, coaching and creating 'safe spaces' - for those struggling to make sense of their personal challenges, circumstances and situations. Leanne is the kind of person that the world needs a lot more of.
Marion S
Marion S
Initially starting out as the youngest member of a large team, I always found Leanne to be very inspiring, highly motivating, and always approachable. Leanne always displayed a respectful and compassionate disposition towards others, no matter what an individual’s position was within the organisation. Leanne is highly skilled at identifying and appreciating the differences that an individual brings to the table. She is very pro-active in supporting individuals to reach their full potential and understands how to empower an individual to create opportunities for themselves that promote personal growth and job satisfaction. Leanne’s leadership has had a positive impact on my life both personally and professionally. Leanne taught me about the benefits of being open to change, how to embrace it and not to fear it. Her kind and approachable leadership qualities have given me the confidence to achieve numerous goals throughout my life, but more importantly it has taught me how I can be a good leader to others. I am forever grateful to her for her amazing leadership skills, her kindness, and her ability to always see the best in people. Marion S. B.Sc (Psych) Teacher, Qld
alan Ogg
alan Ogg
After recently meeting Leanne, I found her to be very down to earth. Leannes years of experience and life journey allow her to connect with people both personally and in a team Enviroment. She is a gifted communicator and would definitely benefit anyone wanting to grow personally and help groups to find strengths and weaknesses to become a more productive and successful team.
linda ogg
linda ogg
Leanne did a great job with helping us to communicate better in our workplace and help with strategies to keep moving forward. Thanks so much!!
William Ogg
William Ogg
I initially had hesitation about reaching out to Leanne because of the personal story I would have to share and being vulnerable, open about my workplace and how that was functioning. However Leanne was completely trustworthy which made it easier to feel comfortable and she greatly exceeded my expectations with the right balance of encouragement and hard truths to put me on the road to success. Leanne has helped me personally in my life by patiently teaching and walking with me. One of the best tools she gave me was the ability to focus in the direction you want to go. This simple habit along with many others helped pull me out of a rut. I highly recommend giving Leanne a call to find out how she may be able to help you or your team professionally or personally or maybe all of the above. It could change your life, thanks Leanne!!
Iris Hall
Iris Hall
Leanne is an incredibly patient and dedicated individual who inspires greatness in everyone. Thank you for your time and encouragement Leanne! This course was exactly what I needed to make some serious changes in my life.
Michael Tawadros
Michael Tawadros
I highly recommend Leanne Hardinge at Passion-n-profits. I have had the Privilege to be mentored by Leanne, and I can’t imagine reaching some of my career goals with her encouragement and believing in me 🙏 I have asked Leanne to coach us in out family business and the results were outstanding in understanding each other different of how we work and discover how we can work as a team using each other strengths. Her support in that regard became a corner stone that we built on the future of the business As a mentor and coach she is the best at listening and asking the right questions so you can discover the answer your self and then she was saying to me” you have already known it your self” turning my feelings of frustration and failure to a sense of confidence and proud. Leanne is amazing at personalise her workshops to perfectly suits the work place culture and is very flexible when it comes to redirect the training to fix issues or build more harmony between the team. I have been always regard Leanne as the professional I go to when I need a solution to a complicated work place issues or policies. She has always been a great support and her wide and vast experience allowed her to see almost everything in organisations and work cultures. Thanks Leanne for your continuous support and encouragement. Thanks for everything 🙏🙏🙏

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