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doing it differently

Once she’s gained an insight into your organisation Leanne uses storytelling, creative analogies and what she likes to call “conversational sports to improve culture and communication while helping teams and their leaders understand and minimise the fear-based reactions that contribute to poor culture and wellness issues at work.

conversational sports

Good, non-threatening communication in and across teams is a key to a good work culture as well as efficiency. Using the rules of sport as a metaphor, we teach you and your team how to play by the rules or to be a spectator, coach or umpire as appropriate, creating a collegiate space that builds trust and engagement.

the frilly analogy

Using the humble Frilled-neck Lizard as an analogy we show how our Lizard Brain drives inappropriate, fear-based behaviour in the workplace and give you and your team the skills to recognise when this is happening and to take appropriate action. Our workbook Wellness at Work (available through the . . . . section of this website) explains this analogy in detail and outlines support that is available.


Storytelling was the original way of transferring history, knowledge and learnings. It has the power to embed change, align beliefs, build cultures and inspire action.

Using analogies and the power of stories, we help your teams embed lessons and learnings and create behavioural change.

leadership training

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” – John Quincy Adams 

Universities give their students everything they need to succeed. Businesses seldom do the same for their employees.  


We’ll work with individuals or organisations to identify and develop leadership strengths and will be your sounding board. We’ll ensure passions stay strong and inspire new ideas and personal growth. 

this is what jason, a leader of team leaders had to say about working with leanne.

“As a recently appointed CEO to a long-standing not-for-profit agency, I was appointed by the Board to create change. The agency was struggling with high staff turnover and needed someone to convey the service into the 21st Century. The most important assets in any company are the staff. Changing the way we communicate, and having an understand that every member of staff is unique in the way they process information needed to be shared with others to increase best practice and service delivery. Contacting Leanne Hardinge was the first step in having a cohesive Management team by introducing Team Management Systems (TMS). Understanding our Managers and them in turn their staff, has decreased staff turnover and created better channels of communication. This creates a better working environment for staff, leading to higher service delivery within our community”.

thrive @ your 9 – 5 online training module

Get back to a place where the work you do energises your day; where you feel valued and connected to a greater mission.

Thrive will help you understand the negative impacts your workplace may be having on your wellbeing and show you how to build a happier, healthier relationship with your work.

It is the first program of its kind that not only shows you what may be consuming your energy but also shows you how to be a better staff member, a better leader and to achieve more in your career.


This program is for you if:

  • You’ve wondered whether you should be getting more out of your career.
  • You’re not really happy with the work you do
  • You’re a leader or leader of leaders who wants to build an environment where everyone can thrive

At $199 we are aware this is a whole lot cheaper than other programs of this nature – but users tell us it’s much more useful and have been begging us to make it more freely available – so we’ve decided to reduce it to a price everyone can afford.

A price reduction is available for major corporate clients wanting to make the program available to all their staff.

wellness at work

Find yourself in a better place at work – with the help of simple messages that help you deal with complex problems.

Wellness at Work is a two-part book about identifying and managing fear-based thinking in the workplace that could be holding you or your team back.

Embracing the Frilled-neck Lizard analogy, this workbook will show you how fear-driven reactions are messing with your head and those of your colleagues. And once you understand your Lizard Brain and how it leaps to false conclusions, you’ll realise that whatever’s going wrong is probably not your fault.

Packed with real-life case studies and sound advice to overcome “Frilly Behaviour”, this is a book you’ll find yourself using time and again – and you will want to share it with others doing it tough at work. And for those who’re really struggling, there are links to professional services that can help.

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