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Team Dynamicist

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

Albert Einstein

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Queensland Government
Department of Employment, Small Business and Training
Queensland Leaders
Griffith University
Accredited Practitioner
TMP Accredited Practitioner

Hi! I'm Leanne

Thanks for stopping by. In my 30+ years experience across social enterprises and businesses I’ve seen far too many amazing people lose enjoyment in their jobs and become resentful and depressed – to a point they survive rather than thrive at work. And so, I created Passions-n-Profits. I help people find a pathway to a place where they work within their skills and passions, and love their jobs because of it. All too often, I see great people leaving organisations, becoming disconnected all because their leaders failed to recognise and nurture their potential. And so, Passions-n-Profits focuses on helping leaders and leaders of leaders become their best selves and create teams that thrive. It’s a sort of win-win, where everyone profits, including the company’s bottom line. My motivation started early – after watching my gifted mother’s enthusiasm for music wither into depression because the social norms of the time prohibited her from becoming a concert pianist.

We engage with local & global leadership to develop positive approaches towards the people they lead and the communities they serve



We immerse ourselves in your organiation, studying what you do and how it’s done.

Then we distil and deliver actionable insights to improve team dynamics and culture.


We focus on individuals in order to deliver
whole-of-team change.


We engage with empathy and understanding to
disarm and open the conversation for change.

Lutheran Services
World Vision
Access Community Services
Goodiwindi Council
Business Leap

Work with Leanne

Leanne can work beside you to deliver training sessions for your business, provide one on one coaching or mentoring to support your leaders, or present as a keynote speaker.

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