Mark Robinson Podiatrist

It was a breath of fresh air to work with Leanne whose unique approach to leadership was inspiring. My experience with Leanne allowed me to improve my own work style making me an overall better clinician and in turn I now provide a better service to my patients

Patricia Siller

Leanne has an exceptional way to connect with you sharing her experience leading teams and understanding the way to influence your surroundings in order to achieve results. Besides her knowledge and experience, she has an amazing humor so you will not only learn but...

Rosie Khan Social Impact Program Manager

In my experience, great leaders (the whole package) are rare. Leanne is one of those leaders. There are only two other leaders on my list. Leanne mentored and empowered me to follow my career goals by providing me with the opportunities and challenges that would...

Chris Arts

When I worked with Leanne, her enthusiasm and positivity was very contagious. She always had great solutions and ideas to implement to make work more pleasant and productive. Her support was always there.